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Repair Care DRY FIX 4 - primer A and B - 200 ml + 100 ml

Elastic primer for DRY FLEX 4.
◾Provides optimal adhesion of the repair paste (DRY FLEX 4) to the substrate
◾Easy to apply with a brush
◾Easy and can be dosed cleanly and
sealed ◾Included in the SKH publication 'The use of repair agents'

◾Processing temperature: 0 - 35 degrees Celsius
◾Breakdown time: 20 - 45 minutes
◾Shelf life: see label; during storage and transport between 5 and 50 degrees Celsius
◾Purpose: optimal adhesion to the substrate
◾Content: 200 ml + 100 ml

1. Shake component A (orange) before use
2.Dose component A (use the dosing lines on the bottle) in a clean EASY•Q MIX & FIX cup
3.Dose component B (use the dosing lines on the bottle) in the same MIX & FIX cup
4. Stir well with EASY•Q MIX & FIX spatula
5. Brush the DRY FIX 4 onto the surfaces to be treated with a brush
6. Allow the product to soak in for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes
7. Use absorbent paper to remove the DRY FIX 4 that has not penetrated the wood
8. Apply DRY FLEX 4 to the pre-treated wood within 8 hours

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